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The ISO Image, it has a blue background sometimes.


The International Organization for Standardization(ISO) develop and publish International Standards(ISO Standards, over 20000 standards are used worldwide) is the world’s leading developer of International Standards. ISO standards specify the requirements for state-of-the-art products, services, processes, materials and systems, and for good conformity assessment, managerial and organizational practice.


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ISO Standards NO.

1, ISO number:Year

2, ISO/otherorganization number:Year

3, ISO/otherorganization/otherorganization number:year

Example of ISO Standards:

ISO 14189:2013

ISO 1151-2:1985

ISO/IEC TS 29125:2017

ISO/IEC/EEE 15288:2015

When you buy and download a PDF Format ISO standard, it usually use “-” instead “:” like ISO 14189-2013

ISO Standards Documents

ISO Store now provide PDF and Paper standards for you.

You can download PDF edition right now when finish payment and the paper edition need days to arrive.

Exaple of PDF:

PDF edition of ISO standards

PDF edition of ISO standards

ISO Standards Languages

Most of the ISO standards are in English, few of in French German Italian and Spanish.